Golf apparel FORE good times.

Why “Hamster” Golf?

@HamsterAbe has been playfully labeling folks as “hamsters” ever since his early bartending days. When someone indulges a bit too eagerly, he’d caution them with a “slow it down, Hamster.” And if someone’s dance moves resembled a comedy act, he’d jest, “quit hamstering around on the dance floor.” Surprisingly, we soon realized that we all had our moments of “hamster behavior” out on the golf course. In due time, we affectionately dubbed one another as “Hamsters” for all sorts of amusing reasons…then we decided to do something very "Hamsterish"...

...start Hamster Golf

We started Hamster Golf In 2021 following numerous rounds of golf and generous servings of birdie juice. While the brand itself may be young, the concept of “being a hamster” has been a time-honored tradition both on and off the golf course. We want everyone to know exactly what it means to be a hamster and hope you love the calling presented in all of our gear!

Snap hook into the trees? "That'll play"

Bomb one on a short par 4. "Too close!"

Easy hole? "Do you stroke here?"

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You'll see Hamsters in the wild.